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Marksheet Certificate Attestation | Certificate Attestation in Pune

Any marksheet, mark sheet, or diploma certificate issue by any recognize university, board, college, or vocational education institute cannot be consider authentic unless it is attested by ministry of human recourses development and embassy of the respective country . Attestation is a process of authentication / validation of particular document by designated authority to check document is genuine or not.

Why Marksheet Certification Attestation required?

One can forge any false documents / degree / certificate while getting admission into any global university. to check forgery of documents any global institute demand the attestation so as  to ensure its validity.

also for working professional attestation is mandated by respective company be that contract labor or be that for company payroll or any gig / platform worker.

Who required Marksheet Certificate Attestation?

  • Student for higher education
  • Working professional
  • Any vocational / contract / platform worker/ self employed worker.

How to Marksheet Certificate Attestation

  • Just like any legal document birth certificate attestation also has to go through the laborious procedure as follows:

    1. Legal notarization: first and foremost step is to get your documents notarized by a lawyer. To get your document notarized by a lawyer. To authenticate the basic legality of documents.
    2. Attestation by SDM: next in line is the sub-divisional magistrate who verifies the entire attested document on the behalf of the government.
    3. Validate by MEA: it is the highest attestation stage where the document is validated by the external affairs ministry. now your document is considered valid globally
    4. Validation by HRD: some documents required attestation stamp of the Human resource ministry. As with any other document.
    5. Embassy attestation: validated documents of respective countries are further accepted by the embassy of a respected country abroad. it is the final step in the attestation service.

    All education certificate including degree & other certificate has to be pre authenticated from ministry of human resources developments followed by subsequent embassy attestation

    At our agency, the GLOBAL ATTESTATION SERVICE; being an expert in these legal procedures can offer any individual affordable, quick, efficient service of Marksheet Attestation and University Certificate Verification in Pune. Where you can be free yourself from the hassle of attestation. and let us do the job for you. With our expertise & established contract, we make the process much tamer and easier for you.

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