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Attestation by Notary in India is a basic level that is necessitated at lower levels for general authentication of documents. It is obtained from the Notary public offices or lawyers. It must be acquired only from authentic certified officials otherwise authentication can’t be trusted. Getting it through the services, it could turn out to be pretty convenient and facile to approach.

What is Notary Attestation?

It is a process in which the notary provides a stamp and signature on the document to approve its credibility. It is primary legalization procedure to prove the genuinity of documents. It can only be given by the authorized personnel who are available at the notary public offices or collectors office. It is also the initial and mandatory form of legalization when it comes to attesting the documents for foreign travel or business purposes.

Why is it necessary to get Notary Attestation?

It is necessary for several reasons, one of which is a visa application procedure. Attestation by notary proves that the documents issued from this particular location are credible and can be relied upon. The Indian government issues a certificate to some professionals which allows them to grant stamp on personal or educational documents, such officials are responsible for verification of document’s genuinity. It prepares the documents to be attested by the further authorities like HRD or Home Department, SDM, MEA, or Embassy.

How much does a Notary Attestation cost?

The fees vary depending on various factors, such as the type of document, the place it was issued from or the urgency of the requirement, the verification process. It also depends on the additional services like pick and drop facility. It generally costs around a few hundred. We don’t process if you need only notary legalization, though we take care of your notary only if you need it from the state government, MEA or Embassy too.

How many days will take to get Notary Attestation?

It isn’t a lengthy process and doesn’t take too long to complete. However, there are factors that affect the time taken by the notary, the rush at the notary office, your location, the number of documents that are being attested, the purpose of it. Well, considering the given factors, it takes about 1-3 days and not much longer than that.

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