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A legal department yet completely independent of the main government is what is Sub-Divisional Magistrate. SDM authentication is a type of Document authentication process performed while doing verification in India. The Process is not a direct process, you need to follow a certain procedure in order to get verification by SDM. Services can help you get it faster without any hassle..

What is SDM Attestation?

Its full form is Sub-Divisional Magistrate Attestation & meaning is getting a stamp from SDM i.e Sub-Divisional Magistrate. It is a kind of document legalization process to attest your personal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate and educational certificates like degree certificate. This can be only performed by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate in Delhi, it is an alternative process for SHD and in some cases also to HRD to proceed for further attestation process by MEA and Embassy.

Why is SDM Attestation Needed?

Getting this from Delhi is a process which is required while legalizing your personal documents and educational documents for residence visa, student visa, and work or employment visa. It’s mandatory that an individual should need to get his all documents attested by the concerned government authorities. Though it is not the only process still in some cases it can work as a good alternative to the State Home Department and HRD while performing the procedure for Attestation.

SDM Attestation Procedure

It can only be obtained from Sub-Magistrate Delhi. You need a Notary before applying for SDM. It can’t be applied from any particular state but it can be done with the help of some service providers. Steps to get SDM verification are mentioned below:

Attestation by a notary is the first step. It is done before getting the certification from the Sub-Divisional Magistrate.

It is performed once the notary attestation is done.

What is the cost of SDM Attestation?

Cost for SDM may vary accordingly by the type of document, Normally the charges for SDM can go up to a few thousand. But it differs according to the service provider and the additional services you are taking like pick & drop, urgency. To get the best price for SDM, call our sales executive.

How many days will take to get SDM Attestation?

Usually, The time required is too vague to be determined, it can fluctuate in accordance with the type of document you need to get attested. Although, it takes about 7 to 10 business days to complete. The time required also depends on your chosen service provider and any additional services like urgent service or fast delivery you have taken.

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