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       As we all know we are living in 21st century, the century of globalization, century of global world. Where we are in a global village. Where one has access to infinite opportunities across the globe. Unlike medieval times where traveling to some distance land was considered as fantasy or considered as some form of adventure. Now it is as common as traveling to next village. Thanks to technological advancement, World Wide Web and advanced mode of transport .now no part of world is remote or distanced. World has came closer become more and more interconnected.

          In the interconnected world no country has remained self sufficient or self reliant. We are becoming more and more interdependent. Be that any government or private corporation. Every one needs some of resources from another part of world. Also be that any service sector, any automobile sector, or real estate or energy sector. Every sector required human resource from across the globe. This has made our new normal. in this scenario one young individual form developing part of world can see as opportunity so he/she may want to cash it by working/studying abroad. for studying/working abroad one has to go through laborious task of legalization of documentation.

          For the sake of understanding we are going to categorize document legalization in to two categories. one where emigrating and immigrating country are the parties to Hague convention on private international law or famously known as Apostille convention. and all the rest of country who are not the party to the convention forms the second category.

          In the first category i.e. parties to the Hague convention requires apostille which mean, any document or legal paper, certificate has to be certified according to the terms of the convention. once certified it is considered valid in any country who are part of convention. Procedure involves while apostille any document is 1st it has to get notarized by legal practitioner then stamp by local SDM and then by designated authority by government in case of India it is ministry of external affairs. Benefit of apostille over attestation is former does not require double certification while later require double certification.

          In second category parties i.e. emigrating and immigrating country are not part of Hague convention. in this case any document is need attestation involves certification twice, once by issuing country and another by receiving country. means for example if Indian origin person wants to work in Qatar on the basis of his educational qualification the procedure he must follow is degree certificate issued by university recognized by government of India is attested by designated authority in Indian government and also subsequently attested by the embassy/consulate of receiving country (say embassy of Qatar) to be considered valid while working in Qatar.

          This is laborious and time consuming procedure. But for us at our agency GLOBAL ATTESTATION SERVICE this is an mundane job. we have established channels, which makes our job easy. for you we can do the job at very economic cost. we provide fast efficient reliable service for convenience of our customer and per the convenience of the customer. We are just a one call away contact us now. 

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